Afternoon Session with Mistress Kiva the Dark Muse, my fire - Review


02/17/2021 at 05:54 AM

If I am honest with myself this session and the day around it was in the making since September 2019 and I was stupid and blind because I did not see it.

In December 2020 Mistress Kiva contacted me the first time writing that She would visit Atlanta Dungeon in that month and She knows i’m affiliated with Mistress Ultra Violet, but MUV would approve, or it would be up to me to get it approved. With everything going on in the world December turned to January and January to February. As tasked I got the approval.

In January W/we set the stage for the play time and as She had to wait that long I offered Mistress Kiva that She can have almost the same ground rules as MUV, the answer came as one word: “almost?”

As the date came closer I followed protocol and applied for the session and Mistress Kiva took the time to discuss things by phone. The closer the trip got the more details W/we added.

Ultimately I got granted way more privileges than just the session, which ones is up to Her to disclose, but the way the day with Mistress Kiva unfolded until the session was just absolutely amazing.

The session itself started and She had me select toys as a pre choice and gather them in high heels.

“Flattery will get you far if it is sincere and honest” were Her opening words and I have

She let me take pillow and place it in-front of Her throne and demanded me to worship Her beautiful butt. After the first kisses in the way MUV expects them Mistress Kiva stopped me and demonstrating the kind of kisses She expects on my arm, not without leaving a kiss mark at the end of the demonstration.

After this worship She gave me my first over the knee spanking and I enjoyed Her firm but gentle hand. She spanked for quite some time with a gag in the mouth repeatedly torturing my nipples.

The time following after this was a time if playfully trying out, punishment and torture focused on getting me to use the safe-word as often as possible to get a clearer picture of my limits, while playfully testing them and in parts crossing them.

Mistress Kiva is of natural beauty and has a great body, which She gave me the honor to admire up close while worshiping and while facesitting and tit-smothering me.

This session was a wonderful mix of sadism, worship, control, tease, denial and sizzling erotic of which I enjoyed every second.

What I learned so far is that first sessions typically don’t get to score in personal charts, however Mistress Kiva is more than capable of overthrowing that theses.

I have four sessions I hold very very and equally dearly in my heart, the very first session in Atlanta Dungeon, the “coming home” session in AD, the “Re-Birthday” session in Atlanta Dungeon and as newest addition to the top session Mistress Kiva’s first with me.

Mistress Kiva is a shining ruby, and I pick ruby, because it is Her color, as a person, woman and Mistress. She is naturally Her in everything.

That all said, the only thing left to write is: Thank You Mistress Kiva by for this fantastical day and the magical path to this day.